Strawberry Cheesecake

Another one I made for father’s day. Cant go wrong with a no bake strawberry and vanilla cheesecake – yum! If you’re not a baker or a regular in the kitchen, this is perfect for you. Minimal effort, maximum effect.

Mood: In need of something sweet and feel good (Strawberries are a good mood food!)

– 300g Cream cheese (I used Philadelphia)
– 100g Icing sugar
– 100g Double cream
– 1tbsp Vanilla extract
– 10 Digestives
– 175g Butter
– Handful of strawberries
– Strawberries for the topping

1. Start with the blitzing, breaking, crushing your digestive (I used a mojito smasher and a small food processor)
2. Melt your butter in a pan, add your crushed digestives and mix well. (You can add a tbsp of brown sugar here, but I decided not to as digestives have sugar in them anyway!)
3. Add the mix to your serving dish or dishes!

4. Refridgerate for at least one hour.
5. Now moving onto your filling! Whisk the cheese, cream, icing sugar and vanilla until the mixture is thick (see photo)

6. Blitz your strawberries in a food processor

7. Assemble your cheesecakes as shown below… Remember to cut your strawberries to top the cheesecake with

And you’re done! Keep them in the fridge, nice and cool until you’re ready to serve

Yum! Super delish!

Enjoy – Raj xo

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